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The Meanings and Uses of Kente in Atlanta: Kente Memories

Kente and kente-inspired objects are an important part of many American lives, families, identities and histories. They mark important occasions and relationships, but kente objects are also part of daily life, dress, and home decor. The use of kente also raises questions and debates: how should kente be used and who should use it? All this means kente is embedded in evocative memories of powerful experiences, significant events, and fond friendships.

The following kente memories are stories from Atlantans about their personal experiences with kente. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and invite you to share your own kente memory here as well.

  A Visit To Ghana
Jeremy Pool, Graduate Student, Emory University

Thumbnail of Spellman College kente strip Presenting Kente
Johnnetta B. Cole, Spelman President Emerita and Presidential Distinguished Professor, Emory University

  Return to New York
Anthony Knight, Atlanta History Center

  Kente Dilemma
Arturo Lindsay, Spelman College

Thumbnail of Kente Mammy Doll Kente Mammy Doll
Frances Smith Foster, Emory University

  Teaching With Kente
Donald Locke, Atlanta, GA

Thumbnail from Splendors of Kente Splendors of Kente
Marcia Rafig, Classic Fare Catering, Atlanta, GA

  Gran's Sunday Hat
Rebekah Mawuko, Chattanooga, TN

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