Turkana Dolls

The Turkana people are semi-nomadic, which means that they live by moving in small groups with their animals. So they do not own large, heavy pieces of art. Instead their art is portable like this little doll, which can be worn on a strap around a girl's neck when she is walking.


This doll is made out of three palm nuts that have grown together and it has been decorated with beads. ( Top View )

Although the figure is very abstract, perhaps you can find the head and round body of the doll by looking at the placement of the beads.


The doll wears a small goatskin apron decorated with red, white, and blue beads.You can see the beaded apron in this detail.

If you met a Turkana girl, she might be wearing clothes like these!

This is a miniature version of what a Turkana girl wears.


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