Rome Activities
  • One of every emperor's duties was to provide for public amusement out of his private purse. To this end, many baths, theaters, amphitheaters, arenas, and stadiums were built all over Rome. Research the Imperial baths and the facilities that were offered there.

  • Make a lamp out of air-drying clay. Use olive oil for fuel and a wick made out of natural fiber such as cotton cord, and see how it works. Note that some ancient lamps are stamped with images or symbols. What symbol would you put on your lamp? How is your symbol meaningful to you personally? Can you think of an image that represents your school? your city? your age group? your country? What images might have been important to the ancient Romans and why?

  • Pretend that visitors and immigrants have stopped coming to Rome. The Emperor has asked you to come up with an advertising campaign and slogan to attract visitors. Design a poster using slogans and images from ancient Rome.

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