Links: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt WebQuest
(by Jennifer Blake, Robert Fox, Jared Braun, and Martin Messer)
  • This lesson was developed by MAT students at the University of Maine at Orono. This webquest is a unit on the culture of ancient Egypt. Students are required to become "cyber archaeologists" and "dig" through web sites and other classroom resources to create a variety of artifacts for an ancient Egyptian museum exhibit. Each Exhibit will contain artifacts from four different categories: Egyptian Daily Life, Pharaohs and Gods, Hieroglyphics, and Mummies. (Recommended for Elementary and Middle School)
Inventions of Egypt and Mesopotamia WebQuest
(by Kimberly J. Connor)
  • This assignment asks the student to explore ancient inventions and select one to bring back to the 21st century. The student must then argue why their selection is the most useful invention for us today. (Recommended for Elementary and Middle School)

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