Links: Ancient Greece

Greek Alphabet Book
(by Julie Nunes)
  • A WebQuest activity designed in connection with The Adventures of Ulysses (a retelling of The Odyssey) by Bernard Evslin. Students design a booklet in which they use the Greek alphabet t write names of characters from Greek Mythology and summarize tales about the characters. (Recommended for Elementary and Middle School)
Mycenaean Trade in the Mediterranean
(by Joyce Mollett)
  • Students will examine the research that archaeologists have done on a Late Bronze Age shipwreck in order to work out the nature and extent of trade in the Eastern Mediterranean during this period, with special emphasis on the involvement of the Mycenaeans in this trade. (Recommended for Elementary and Middle School)
Greek Gods
(by Jaliza Eagles & Tanja Zimmerman)
  • Students compose and respond to live interview questions about the Greek Gods. Also includes a family tree of Greek Gods and goddesses for students to fill in.(Recommended for Elementary and Middle School)
Ancient Greece WebQuest
(by Mary Thompson and Eric Wiegel)
  • Students take on roles of ancient Greek Dramatists, scientists, athletes, or politicians and act as tour guides in a reconstructed version of ancient Athens.(Recommended for High School)

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