Web sites about Africa

Teacher's Guide to African Art
San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts
http://www.thinker.org/fam/education/publications/guide-african/ A resource looking at objects from the Museum's African collection, it is organized around 4 topics: (1) African geographic, regional, cultural, and geographic diversity. (2) The function and context of African objects. (3) A discussion of African aesthetics. (4) A discussion of traditional and modern African art. The guide includes images and classroom activity ideas.

K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet
University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Web.
Links to resources for K-12 teachers.

AFRICA: One Continent, Many Worlds.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
We've linked you to the "Classroom Ideas" section of a rich website about Africa. There are sections here for your students, too (we've included it in our web resource links for students.) Spend some time exploring this extensive site on Africa developed by the LA Natural History Museum and the Field Museum in Chicago.

African Odyssey Interactive.
The Kennedy Center.
Links to indexes and curriculum-based resources for teaching about the arts and cultures of Africa.

Art and Life in Africa Online.
University of Iowa.
This website was developed to support a CD-ROM for classroom use (which can be ordered on this website), but the site itself also provides resources about Africa. These include: information on African countries and peoples, a database of lesson plans for using the CD-ROM in the classroom, objects and information focusing on the Life Cycle as represented in African art.

Buffalo Mask.
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Classroom discussion questions and activities focusing on a "Buffalo Mask and Feather Costume" from Cameroon.

What is Currency? Lessons from Historic Africa.
Smithsonian Office of Education.
A lesson plan that explores the use of weights and measures in the monetary system of the Akan people in Ghana. Puts African gold weights into broader context of currency production.

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