Books about Egypt

David, Rosalie. Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press, 1998.
This is a recently-published reference guide to various facets of ancient Egyptian culture: history, geography, society and government, writing, religion/mythology, the military, arts and sciences, daily life, the economy, and funerary beliefs and customs. The text is composed of written discussions, as well as encyclopedic entries of names, places, etc. Numerous illustrations, diagrams, maps, plans, and timelines supplement the text.

James, T. G. H. A Short History of Ancient Egypt. Librairie du Liban, 1995.
This book provides a chronological history of Egypt, from prehistoric times through the Roman occupation of Egypt.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Egypt and the Ancient Near East. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987.
This book looks at the cultures of the ancient Near East and Egypt through objects in the Met's collection.

Quirke, Stephen, et al, eds. The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt. Thames and Hudson, 1996.
This book provides a chronological survey of ancient Egyptian culture from prehistoric times through Roman occupation of Egypt. The book is divided into themes such as: geography, history, daily life, religion/mythology, funerary practices, art and architecture, and science. The book is well illustrated, using objects from the British Museum's collection.

Robins, Gay. The Art of Ancient Egypt. Harvard University Press, 1997.
Robins' book is an introductory text on ancient Egyptian art, organized chronologically. Numerous illustrations supplement the text.

Silverman, David, ed. Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press, 1997.
This book surveys the history and culture of ancient Egypt through a series of essays. The essays address such issues as: history, geography, religion, archaeology, art and architecture, and language and writing. The text is supplemented by numerous photographs, maps, and charts.

Watterson, Barbara. Gods of Ancient Egypt. Sutton Publishing, 1996.
This book discusses each of the Egyptian gods individually, using detailed text and color pictures.

Wilkinson, Richard. Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture. Thames and Hudson, 1992.
This book teaches you how to read hieroglyphs on a basic level. Each two-page section focuses on one hieroglyphic symbol, explains its meaning and usage, and illustrates its appearance in ancient Egyptian art.

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