Websites about Rome

Ancient Art: Rome
The Detroit Institute of Arts
This site gives a brief introduction to the history and culture of ancient Rome. It is illustrated by objects in the museum's collection. Click on each object for further description and discussion.

Antique Roman Dishes
Amy Gale
This book describes the ancient Roman recipes that were preserved in an old Roman cookbook. Recipes for everything from meat dishes to desserts are given.

Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World
The Art Institute of Chicago
This site lets you experience the culture and art of ancient civilizations through narrated videos and illustrated timelines and maps.

The Forum of Trajan in Rome
J. Paul Getty Museum of Art This site recreates the Forum of Trajan based on the latest archaeological evidence. There is a virtual reality model of the Forum, as well as Quicktime movies that guide you through it.

Forum Romanum
David Camden
This site provides information on Roman mythology, history, famous people, literature, daily life, and social practices. It also includes a virtual tour of the Roman Forum.

History Line: Rome
Todd Fletcher
This site provides an historical overview of ancient Rome. The text is supplemented by definitions, maps, a timeline, and examples of art and architecture.

Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World
University of Kansas
This site is an "exhaustive source on Roman antuquity." It includes information on specific sites and monuments, with detailed descriptions and numerous illustrations, as well as excerpts of publications on Roman art.

Looking at Art of Ancient Greece and Rome: An Online Exhibition
J. Paul Getty Museum of Art
This site is a virtual exhibition of selected works of ancient Greek and Roman art from the Getty's collection. For each piece of art, the site provides information about the object and its subject matter, then asks you questions about them and offers you suggestions for further activities.

Nova Online Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath

In this site, you can tour a Roman bath and learn about the construction techniques of Roman aqueducts and baths. You can also view recipes for snack foods and drinks that were sold at the baths.

Pompeii: Nature, Science, and Technology in a Roman Town
Institute and Museum of History of Science, Florence, Italy
This site looks at the achievements that the Romans had reached in nature, science, and technology before the eruption of Vesuvius. Over 400 archaeological finds are on display.

Roman Ball Games
Wladyslaw Jan Kowalski
This site describes different ball games that the ancient Romans played. Some games are similar to games we play today, like soccer and field hockey. But some games have weird names and funny rules, like harpastum and trigon!

Welcome to World Mythology
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
This site provides an introduction to teaching about mythology, including discussion points and thematic questions. Objects from the Minneapolis Museum of Art's collection illustrate the deities and myths of several cultures.

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