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The Carlos Museum will offer its popular, interactive outreach programs, Mummy Wrap!, Dig It! and Stories from Old Egypt at several DeKalb County Library Branches this summer. "Mummify" a friend or create an Inka khipu as part of these fun and fascinating programs. These programs are free and open to the public. Space is limited. Please contact individual branches to register.

Mummy Wrap!
(Appropriate for 7-10 year olds)

Make mummies come alive as you explore the history and process of mummification and its importance to the ancient Egyptians through an engaging and interactive slide presentation of objects in the Carlos Museum's collection of ancient Egyptian art. Following the slide presentation, one participant will become the "mummy", as the outreach teacher enlists members of the audience to assist with the "mummification." Participants will then become "artists of the temple" and prepare the portrait mask, broad collar, amulets, and jewelry while the "mummy" is wrapped for "burial."

Wednesday, June 6
Scottdale Tobie Grant Library

Tuesday, June 26
11 am
Tucker-Reid Cofer

Tuesday, July 10
3 pm
Stone Mounain-Sue Kellogg

Thursday, July 26
2 pm

Dig It! An Introduction to Archaeology
(Appropriate for 8-12 year olds, maximum of 28 children)

Dig It! introduces the science of archaeology using artifacts from the Native American cultures of Georgia. Museum teachers bring a "culture box" into the classroom with examples of pottery, projectile points, stone tools, and other artifacts that children can handle. Students will explore the role of ritual and earthworks in Creek culture, and the goals and techniques of archaeologists through several hands-on activities. Each student will make a gorget, a Native American ornament of toooled metal that has come down to us from mound-building cultures.

Wednesday, June 13
2 pm
Chamblee Library

Stories from Ancient Egypt
(Appropriate for 7-12 year olds, maximum of 30 children)

Master storyteller Julia Prittie will entertain children and lead them in the retelling of classic Egyptian tales based on temple carvings and papyrus texts, some as old as 4000 BC. These stories touch on aspects of Egyptian culture that deal with magic, the power of the gods, and the central importance of the Nile River. Guided by Ms. Prittie, children will reinact the story of Osiris and Isis as they try to maintain cosmic order and deal with the evil Seth.

Wednesday, June 20
2 pm

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