Scene from the Ramayana: The Coronation of Rama

Guler, India
ca. 1840
Opaque pigments and gold on wasli
Gift of Jayantilal K. and Geeta J. Patel & Family to further the study of Hinduism

Blue-skinned Rama, clad in gold and holding a bow, and Sita, his wife, are seated on the throne in Ayodhya after return from exile, Sita’s kidnapping by Ravana, and Lanka battles between Rama and Ravana. Rama’s three brothers— Shatrugna, Lakshmana, and Bharata—stand behind him; the dark-hued brother is Bharata. Hanuman, his ardent devotee, stands before him. Also pictured are Vibhishana, brother of the defeated Ravana, dressed in green; Jambavan and Sugriva, leaders of the bear and monkey armies; and forest-dwelling sadhus