Georgia Standards of Excellence Tours

Georgia Standard of Excellence tours are crafted to align with the new Social Studies standards adopted by the state of Georgia in Fall 2017.

6th Grade:
Our 6th grade tour focuses on cultural conflict and change in Latin America, highlighting the collision of indigenous and European powers. Students will also explore the ways that different environments and natural resources impact culture in Latin America.

7th Grade:
Students work with first-source material as they examine historical and contemporary art from Africa and Latin America to understand better questions of religion, ethnicity, and colonialism.

World History:
World History students at the Carlos trace cultures from ancient to modern by examing objects created in the Americas, the the Mediterranean, and Africa. Students learn to read objects like texts, bringing cultures distant in time and space  into the present.

AP Art History
"The 250" come to life at the Carlos where students have an opportunity to examine and analyze works of art from the cultures and time periods they study in the classroom. 

Latin: Ars Longa, Vita Brevis
Since "art is long and life, short" seize the day and visit Ulysses, Menelaus, Europa, and the Emperor Tiberius in the galleries of the Carlos Museum. Discover the importance of Roman imperial portraiture and propaganda. Find images of metamorphoses and reinforce your reading with scenes from Ovid and Virgil. Explore Roman funeral rituals and translate inscription on cinerary urns. Meet Romulus and Remus and see the crucial role of archaeology in understanding objects from Roman daily life.