At the Carlos, our STEAM tours highlight the ways that science, technology, engineering, art, and math have been used to solve problems from the earliest civilizations through to today helping students engage with enduring questions and new solutions.

Archaeology (All Grades)
As they explore the galleries, students learn about pioneering archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon and the development of stratigraphy at the ancient site of Jericho. They will discover the excitement of analyzing artifacts once they have come out of the ground, from Egyptian mummies and coffins to sculpture, pottery, and jewelry from ancient Greece. Your students will put STEAM into practice as they learn the role of x-rays, chemical analysis, carbon-14 dating, and other scientific techniques that contribute to an archaeologist’s understanding of material culture.

The Science Behind Art Conservation (Appropriate for Fourth Grade to High School)
Students learn to think like a conservator, understanding the real world questions and problems that museums confront when working with material that can be thousands of years old. They look into prevention, research, and intervention in this interactive tour. A full complement of pre-visit and post-visit materials and labs are availible for teachers to use in the classroom. Click here for teacher resources related to conservation at the Carlos.