Thematic Tours

Allow students to follow a theme throughout the galleries, looking at how people across time and space relate to similar issues. In these tours, students find relationships between cultures in the galleries but also between those cultures and their own.

Students will explore animals from all over the world as they consider how different artists and cultures relate to their environments. From fierce lions to tiny praying mantises, students encounter the whole animal kingdom in the galleries.
In this tour, students build close-looking skills through drawing, finding new ways to appreciate and communicate about objects from cultures from all over the world.

Different cultures represent identity and social values using a number of visual cues. This tour considers how adornment, gesture, and medium can be used to construct identity.
How do artists tell stories through objects? What materials do they choose and which stories do they share? In this tour, students discuss different modes of storytelling from around the world. 
Power Figures
Power looks different in different cultures. In this tour, students look at how powerful people, forces, and ideas take form in the galleries.
Culture is built on water. This tour traces the ways different cultures deal with its excess and scarcity and how this natural resource influences ritual and religion.
Wonder Women
In this tour, students trace the stories of the powerful women appear throughout the Carlos’ galleries as heroines, warriors, villains, and shamans.