Emory University Student Programs

Admission to the Carlos Museum is free to Emory faculty, staff, and students. The Museum offers a variety of programs of interest to the Emory community.

Programs for Emory Students

The Carlos Museum offers a wide variety of public programs of interest to Emory students. For a complete listing of these programs, please see the Calendar.

Andrew W. Mellon Internships Summer 2018

At left, Ani and his wife Tutu enter the assemblage of gods. At cen

ter, Anubis weighs Ani's heart

against the feather of Ma`at, observed by the goddesses Renenutet

and Meshkenet, the god

Shay, and Ani's own


. At right, the monster Ammut, who will devour Ani's soul if

he is

unworthy, awaits the verdict, while the god Thoth prepares

to record it. At top are gods acting

as judges: Hu and Sia, Hathor, Horus, Isis and Nephthys, Nu

t, Geb, Tefnut, Shu, Atum, and Ra-


Thanks to the generosity of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Michael C. Carlos Museum offers paid summer internships for Emory University students. The internship is open to graduate and undergraduate students. Interns are selected by a committee of Museum staff and faculty advisors. The internships are ten weeks in length, and students are paid a stipend of $5,000. This summer’s internships begin on May 21, though some flexibility in scheduling is possible. Deadline for applying for the Mellon Internship is February 16, 2018.

This summer, the Carlos Museum seeks two interns to work with the Carlos Museum’s Education Department, Emory Environmental Sciences faculty, and a K-12 classroom teacher on the development of a tour program and online teacher support materials that connect the collections of the Carlos Museum to the K-12 study of environmental science. The internship will include research on objects in the collection and on the geography, environments, and natural resources of the cultures that created them, particularly those objects related to water. 

Download the Mellon Internship application here.

The Carlos Museum also offers unpaid internships, often for credit, and other opportunities for working and learning in a museum environment for Emory students. For more information about internships, contact Elizabeth Hornor by phone at 404-727-6118, or by email at ehornor@emory.edu.

Student Guide Program

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to join the Student Guide Program. Student guides act as ambassadors for the Museum–– writing and leading tours for students, organizing student-centered events, and learning about museum work under the supervision of Museum staff. This opportunity helps students to develop their research and presentation skills, gain valuable experience in museums, and serve the larger Emory community. 
 For more information, contact Katie Ericson at 404-727-2363 or kericso@emory.edu.