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The Carlos Museum remains one of the premier university museums in the country. Your involvement as a donor, member, and volunteer supports innovative learning opportunities, the expansion and preservation of premier collections, and helps the museum develop world-class exhibitions. Get involved and help preserve the value and impact of our ancient art and artifacts from around the world.

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With the largest collection of ancient art in the Southeast, the Carlos Museum strives to provide the best scholarly resources. Your support will fund acquisitions, helping the Carlos Museum build and refine its six major collection areas.

Internationally known for creative, thought-provoking exhibitions, the Carlos collaborates with museums worldwide to bring great cultural and artistic legacies to the Southeast. Your gift will help create a special exhibition program which complements the museum's permanent collections, provides dynamic experiences for viewers, and contributes to scholarship and international partnerships.

Facilities Improvement
As the Carlos Museum continues to strengthen its collections, special exhibitions, and programs in education and research, the need for physical resources increases. Your support will help enhance the museum's facilities.

The Carlos works to provide high-quality facilities and innovative strategies for the study, storage, display, and conservation of history's greatest treasures. Your investment will strengthen the museum's conservation laboratory, providing equipment, staffing, and support for student internships and faculty collaborations.

Education and Service
The Carlos works to provide meaningful educational and cultural experiences for Emory and the surrounding community. Your gift will help the museum reach out to area teachers, students, and families.

Teaching and Research
The Carlos serves as a center for intellectual life and interdisciplinary collaboration on campus. Your gift will increase faculty involvement with the museum, help integrate museum programs with Emory's academic departments, and strengthen research efforts across the University.