Objectives for Egypt:

As a result of using the Egyptian section of Odyssey Online, students will:

  • Consider the geography of Egypt and its impact on the development of the civilization.
  • Learn about the role of nature in Egyptian religious beliefs.
  • Be introduced to the co-existence of official and popular religious practices in a culture.
  • Learn about the pyramidal organization of Egyptian society and the unique role of the ruler in the culture.
  • Learn about symbols and how they are used in a culture.
  • Examine objects produced and used by ancient Egyptians in order to better understand their appearance and how they lived.
  • Learn the significance to the ancient Egyptians of each aspect of the process of mummification in order to achieve a better understanding of their concept of the afterlife.
  • Learn about the ancient Egyptian writing system.
  • Learn about the role of archaeology in our understanding of ancient Egypt.
For additional information, please see the Goals & Objectives for Odyssey Online.
Suggestions for Using Odyssey Online from 6th Grade Teachers at Pittsford Middle School, Pittsford, New York.
Designed with students and teachers in mind, Odyssey Online has useful written information about ancient Egyptian culture, games, puzzles, and a multitude of museum objects. The museum objects can be printed and incorporated into word processed reports or downloaded onto a disc to be used in Power Point and other presentation packages.

This site can be utilized in a variety of ways including:

  • As a whole class presentation:
    • When one computer is used to present to the whole class, a teacher can attach it to a television with a TV ator, or attach it to a color LCD panel, or a video projector.

  • As a center, for individual or small group enjoyment.

  • As a student research tool:
    • Individually, students can bookmark the site and open it easily on their personal computer.
Before browsing through the web site, we recommend that you open to the Odyssey Online Home Page and click on learn more about the object. Present a lesson to the students on Museum Object Information and let them practice with a few other images you have printed from the web site. It will give them an appreciation of the art objects found throughout this web site, as well as on the other web sites and in art museums around the world.

We have compiled a list of activities to coordinate with each section of Odyssey Online which can be used during the study of ancient Egypt. They were designed in keeping with National Standards for History (Era 2 and 3), New York State Standards (World History, Intermediate Level), Bloom's Taxonomy, and various student learning styles.

Lastly, make sure to check out the fun web sites as you go along. Many great activities and additional images for your use in the classroom can be found here!

Claire Vaeth and Veronica Johnson
Pittsford Middle School - 6th grade teachers

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