Upcoming Exhibitions

January 17-May 17, 2015
Creating Matter  will explore the work of African-American artist Mildred Thompson and her interest in the cosmos and the creation of the world.Thompson’s work is heavily influenced by African textiles, American jazz, European classical music, and German Expressionism. Most of her early work was figural, but she moved toward total abstraction in the 1970s, creating prints full of movement and mystery.

January 31-June 21, 2015
The Carlos Museum will host a major exhibition from the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian entitled African Cosmos: Stellar Arts , the first major exhibition exploring the historical legacy of African cultural astronomy and its intersection with traditional and contemporary African arts. Featuring more than seventy outstanding works of art from throughout the African continent, African Cosmos  considers how the sun, moon, stars, and celestial phenomena such as lightning and rainbows have served as sources of inspiration in the creation of African art from ancient times to the present. The African Cosmos  exhibition will demonstrate that observations of the heavens are part of the knowledge that informs origin stories, artistic expression, and ritual practice in African cultures. Standing at the core of creation myths and the foundation of moral values, celestial bodies are often accorded sacred capacities and are part of the “cosmological map” that allows humans to chart their course through life.