Carlos from Home

Museums may hold art, but they exist for people. 

During this time of social distancing, we can't be together, but we can still connect as a community to enjoy the things we always have—looking closely at art, engaging thoughtfully, and embracing our creativity. We've created this page to to just that.

We've already posted some of our favorite digital content, and we'll update this page weekly with new ways to "Carlos from Home."

Be well, friends!

Support the Carlos Museum Bookshop

We’re sharing some of our favorite books and gifts that are available for mail order while the Carlos Museum is closed to the public. Please email your request and/or general questions with your phone number to Bookshop Manager Mark Burell at, and you will receive a call to process your order. Most orders for books in stock will be shipped within five business days. If a book is temporarily sold out, it may take longer to fulfill orders due to current shipping delays, but orders will be processed as quickly as possible. Purchases support the Carlos Museum, so stock up today!

New: Classical Color

This week we're launching the popular Puzzling Pigments SmARTy Pack, which examines the use of color in the Classical world, as an online activity that children and adults can enjoy alone or together at their own pace and safe at home. And yes, the "puzzling" part of the title means that a jigsaw puzzle is included as part of the experience!

For those interested in learning more about polychromy in ancient art, we're sharing examples from our collection as well as some great digital resources and further reading about the history and politics of whiteness and Classical sculpture.

The Ramayana

This week, we're featuring the artwork related to the celebrated Indian epic the Ramayana. In 2018 we presented the exhibition "Tell the Whole Story from Beginning to End": The Ramayana in Indian Painting, which was curated by Emory students in the class The Art of the Hindu Epic.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in the virtual exhibition's richly detailed, colorful artwork and note, too, the characters' twisting paths that culminate in the exiled hero's triumphant return to his kingdom. Take a closer look at the artwork (and a break!) by completing one of the Ramayana puzzles, or stretch your creative muscles by using artist Ande Cook's lesson plan to create your own work of art in the style of an Indian painting.

Tibet Week and Buddhism

While we can't welcome you to the Carlos Museum for Emory's annual Tibet Week, we hope you'll enjoy these activities: a puzzle created from a painting that was to the the subject of Professor Sara McClintock's AntiquiTEA and a a time-lapse video from a previous Tibet Week in which monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery create sand mandala representing Avalokiteśvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. The video is embedded within the Avalokiteśvara section on Odyssey Online South Asia, so be sure to click the sidebar to access it—and take a look at the rest of the site, too! We're also happy to connect you with one of our Transcendent Yoga instructors, Marck Maroun, who is bringing his practice online.

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