The Carlos Museum Bookshop

Two Day Museum Bookshop Summer Clearance Sale
Friday, August 3   10 AM - 4 PM
Saturday, August 4   10 AM - 5 PM
It's time to restock your bookshelves with great reads at a great price at the bookshop's summer clearance sale, during which all books and gifts will be discounted 20% for two days only. As always, our expanded selection of sale and bargain books in front of the store will also receive this special 20% discount for even greater savings. Come by and load up for fall and winter reading. Be sure to see the special exhibition Divine Felines while you're here. And yes, all Bastet statues and jewelry will be discounted during the sale!
Please note that 20% is the maximum discount. Museum membership discounts do not combine during this special sale. Open to members and the public. Parking in Emory's Fishburne and Oxford Road Decks is free on Saturdays.
Visiting Exhibition Celebrates Animals in Ancient Egypt
During the exhibition Divine Felines, the Museum Bookshop will be overrun by a variety of wild and domesticated animals (some of them in mummy form!) as we fill the store with books, cards, statues, and jewelry celebrating animals in ancient Egypt. In addition to the 46 page companion catalogue to the show, we will be featuring Egyptologist Jarmoir Malek’s The Cat in Ancient Egypt ($18.95) which draws evidence from a vast range of artistic and written sources to show how the cat became one of the most widely-esteemed animals in Egypt, revered as a manifestation of the goddess Bastet. Egyptologist Salima Ikram’s Divine Creatures ($29.95) is a series of studies on the different types of animal mummies, the methods of mummification, and the animal cemeteries located at sites throughout Egypt.  Children will love Mummy Cat ($16.99):  the hero cat prowls his pyramid home, longing for his beloved owner, with lavish murals in the tomb displaying scenes of the cat with his young Egyptian queen and hieroglyphic messages creating a tale-within-a-tale.  This is our all-time bestselling children’s book!  The Bookshop will also stock animal god and goddess statues imported from Egypt, cat-themed jewelry and art magnets, and an expanded selection of books on the history and art of ancient Egypt.
Hours of operation alert:  The new permanent hours for the bookshop are Tuesday through Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm (except for special sale days), and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. Contact the bookshop at 404.727.0509 or the museum front desk at 404.727.2163 for more information.  FREE PARKING ON WEEKENDS at the Fishburne and Oxford Road parking decks.
The Carlos Museum Bookshop stocks hundreds of titles on art, archaeology, history, and mythology for both adults and children, with an emphasis on the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Because our stock changes so frequently, online shopping is currently not an option, so please visit us to enjoy our inventively curated selection of books. For general information, call 404-727-0509 or email