"Moving the Paris Obelisk," Dr. Bob Brier,

Obelisks, which were placed at the entrances to temples, were prominent features of Egyptian architecture. They played a vital role in Egyptian mythology and religion. Each obelisk was created from a single huge block of quarried granite weighing many tons. Obelisks display the technical ability of Egyptians for working, moving, and erecting massive objects. Later cultures prized Egyptian obelisks as trophies of conquest and transported many of them out of Egypt for prominent national display. In the nineteenth century, France obtained the rights to one of the largest obelisks and went through amazing efforts to erect it on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. 

In a lecture titled "Moving the Paris Obelisk," Dr. Bob Brier, Senior Research Fellow at Long Island Univerisity shares the fascinating story of moving this obelisk, which underscores the achievement of the ancient Egyptians in creating these objects.

This lecture is presented in cooperation with ARCE GA.