FAQ for Visitors

Does the museum allow photography?

Non-flash photography is permitted in the permanent collection galleries. No photography of temporary exhibitions is permitted.

What does the museum offer for kids?

In addition to scheduled programming, the museum offers SmARTy Packs, available to borrow from the information desk, that are filled with activities that families can do together in the galleries and fun Family Guides to the collection that kids can take home with them. 

Why does the museum ask visitors not to touch artwork?

Repeated handling of artwork can cause damage such as staining, corrosion, abrasion, surface loss, or breakage. 

Why are the museum’s lights so dim?

Over time, light can damage artwork, so we keep the lights dim for preservation purposes. 

Why is the museum so chilly?

To ensure the safety of the artwork, the museum closely monitors environmental conditions. A cool temperature helps preserve the artwork.

Why can't I carry my backpack into the galleries?

The museum asks that backpacks and all large bags are checked at the information desk to ensure the safety of the artwork.

Is sketching permitted in the galleries?

Yes, sketching with pencil is permitted in the galleries.

I’m planning a visit to the museum. Where should I eat?

On-campus options include the Cox Hall food court, Kaldi’s at the Depot, and Highland Bakery at Goizueta Business School. In Emory Village, a short walk from campus, you’ll find Wagaya, Baker Dude, Dave’s Cosmic Subs, Falafel King, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Zoe’s, among other choices. If you don’t mind a short drive, you can also try Emory Point, which offers The General Muir, Marlow’s Tavern, and Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill, among other choices.