Laszlo-Excalibur Lecture and Samothrace Sympoium Day 1

During the second day of the two-day symposium, "From the Vantage of Victory: The Sanctuary of the Great Gods and the Island of Samothrace", the results of the NEH-sponsored collaborative research project are presented and centered on the region in the ancient Greek Sanctuary of the Great Gods that coalesces around the famous Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace.

While the statue in the Louvre has long captured the imagination of the world, it becomes all the more powerful when reunited with its ancient environment. From the Nike’s vantage over the performative heart of the Sanctuary— Theater, Stoa, and Altar Court—speakers reframe the archaeological investigation of this Hellenistic international religious center by grounding the rich material record in the dynamic environmental factors underlying it, and the human actions through which it was determined and experienced.  See the entire symposium program HERE