Dulemola with eagle spirits

Dulemola (Woman’s Blouse Panel) with Poliwiduru (Eagle Spirits). North Coast, San Blas Islands, Guna Yala, Panama. Guna. Early 21st Century. Cotton. Museum purchase. Photo by Bruce M. White.

Fiber arts were of the highest importance among the First Nations, or indigenous peoples of the Americas. Ancient Andean as well as modern Andean, Panamanian, and Guatemalan cultures are featured in this exhibition, including a wide range of techniques such as three-dimensional embroidery, tie-dye, brocade, and tapestry.

This exhibition explores how these beautiful and complex textiles embody the traditional values, materials, and ideas of their respective indigenous cultures, while also embracing new techniques, imagery, and types of objects as they change during colonial and modern times.


Digital Catalogue



This exhibition is made possible through generous support from Bank of America and the Bank of America Art Conservation Project. 

Funding for the digital catalogue was provided by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.