Adam and Eve by Durer

Teachers, learn to read works of art and help your students discover what art reveals about the cultures that created it, the environment in which it was made, what it can tell us about belief systems and societal structures, and more at Carlos Museum workshops.


The Environment, Animals, and Art 
The Carlos Museum and Zoo Atlanta have joined forces to offer a two-session professional learning opportunity for elementary school educators! As a part of the program, each participant will receive a Classroom Experience Case with materials and resources to utilize in their classrooms, as well as a guest pass to come back to Zoo Atlanta and the Carlos Museum.

Session One: How Regions Influence Native Plant and Animal Populations at Zoo Atlanta
Saturday, August 24 | 9 AM – 3 PM

Explore the various environmental regions of Georgia and the ways that the climate, topography, and relationships to water sources influence life forms native to each region. Educators will gain a higher understanding of life cycles and energy flow throughout trophic levels in these regions as well as more insight into the life cycles of the plants and animals in these regions. 

Registration deadline: August 10, 2019

Session Two: How the Environment Influences Art and Culture at the Carlos Museum
Saturday, September 21 | 9 AM – 3 PM

Educators will investigate how natural environments drive speciation and how unique environments influence the growth of civilization, art, religion, and culture. Teachers will learn how to read works of art and gain an understanding of what objects can tell us about the natural environments in which they were created. 

Registration deadline: September 14, 2019 

View applicable GSE standards here. 

Fee: $15 for BOTH sessions. Space is limited, and advanced registration is required. Please register for both programs with Zoo Atlanta


Workshop for AP Art History Teachers: Art Uncovered
Thursday, November 7 | 6:30 – 8:00 PM 

AP Art History teachers are invited into Works on Paper storage with curator Andi McKenzie for an in-depth study of one of the 250, an engraving of Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer. View the delicate print up close, exploring the intricate linework and rich symbolism in it and in other works in the collection that influenced Dürer. In this after-hours workshop, educators will also learn about various printmaking techniques, experience slow looking exercises to use with students, and be provided with resources to take back to the classroom. 

For more information, contact Katie Ericson at or 404-727-2363. 

Fee: $10 for members; $15 for nonmembers. Space is very limited, and registration is required online here.


Materiality and Invention Workshop for Teachers
Saturday, December 7 | 9 AM – 3 PM 

Explore the innovative impulse of humankind and the beginnings of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math throughout time and across the globe at the Carlos Museum. In this interactive workshop, educators will learn about the innovations of ancient American, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, and Mesopotamian civilizations as they sought to manage their environment and construct their cultures and empires. Teachers will utilize Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning in an engineering challenge, looking to the ancient world to inspire solutions for contemporary issues. Educators are encouraged to bring relevant standards and goals to use in the development of materials for their students.    

Fee: $50. Registration for all portions of the STEAM series is required through the Atlanta Botanical Garden here. Registration fee includes lunch.