Student Projects

Students work with conservators to investigate objects from the museum collection, contributing to ongoing lab research initiatives or creating individual projects. Students may receive academic credit for their work, complementing studies in art and sciences, anthropology/ archaeology, Classical civilizations, ancient Mediterranean studies, etc. Projects often result in public or online presentations.

Xu sitting at a table examining and treating an engraving on paper

Phoenix Xu

Xu EC’23 examined, documented, and treated several engravings printed in ink on paper.

Sarah Lindberg - Student Projects

Sarah Lindberg

Sarah Lindberg (16 Emory) studied materials and construction of a Bamana Kono mask from Mali, Africa.

Peering into Power

Student working with objects

Markaila Farnham

Markaila Farnham (21 Emory) combined her majors in Chemistry and Art History through a capstone project to identify blue colorants on African objects.

Behind the Blue

Student Observing an Object

Leah Oliver

Leah Oliver (20 Spelman) investigated the coating layers on a ceramic figure from Ghana to understand its treatment history.

Student in front of scientific instrument

Olivia Boyd

Olivia Boyd (20 Emory) and Benjamin Kassavan (19 Emory) conducted honors research in the Physics Department, measuring glass transition temperatures and strengths of acrylic resins used in art conservation.

Student with pottery

Adam Ring

Adam Ring (19 Emory) undertook a SIRE project in the Chemistry Department to analyze residues from ancient ceramic pots from the Americas, looking for evidence of kakaw.

Student working with small ceramic

Maxine Faass

Maxine Faass (19 Emory) wrote a senior thesis in Ancient Mediterranean Studies about her analyses of residues in ancient glass perfume vessels.

Science of Art

Science of Art is a series of online student presentations that explores concepts taught in Emory's general chemistry classes through case studies featuring objects and conservation projects from the Carlos Museum.