Image of Islamic food

On Saturday, February 20, Anissa Helou, the James Beard Foundation award-winning author of Feast: Food of the Islamic World, joined us from her home in Sicily for a conversation about the expansiveness of foodways in the Muslim world. She spoke about the development of regional cuisines, the role of hospitality, and the variety of ingredients and techniques found in cultures from Iran to Indonesia, and demonstrated how to make Tachin-o Barreh, (Baked Rice Cake with Lamb), the ultimate Iranian party food, from her kitchen.

“Telling a genuine food story that covers a quarter of the world’s population is a mighty task if ever there was one. One person who can wrestle with such a challenge is Anissa Helou. Her range of knowledge and unparalleled authority make her just the kind of cook you want by your side when baking a Moroccan flatbread, preparing an Indonesian satay, and tackling anything else along the way.” — Yotam Ottolenghi



Feast: Food of the Islamic World is available through the Carlos Museum Bookshop.  

This program was made possible by the generous financial support of Sharon LeMaster and Georgia Humanities.