Child plays mandala

It would take powerful magic to compel most Atlantans to volunteer for solo, rush hour carpool duty over the course of multiple summers. For docent Pam Rivers, that magic was Camp Carlos. For years Rivers drove Camp Carlos scholarship recipients back and forth between home and museum because it was important to her that absolutely no barriers stood in paths of talented young artists.

Camp Carlos gives children opportunities to work in small groups with professional artists. Campers have extended time in the museum’s galleries to look closely at works of art and explore the cultures that made them. In the studio, campers learn authentic techniques and use high quality and often unusual materials. 

The first Camp Carlos scholarships were funded by the museum’s Docent Guild; however, since 2016 the Clare Foundation has funded need-based scholarships to Camp Carlos and Spring Break Art Camp.  This year, the foundation awarded the value of ten full scholarships to promising young artists based on recommendations by teachers. 

“While the opportunities and experiences of Camp Carlos are arguably beneficial for all children,” notes Alyson Vuley, manager of educational programs, “they’re especially rewarding for young artists and ‘history buffs,’ as one of our campers calls himself!”


The Carlos Museum thanks the Clare Foundation for its generous support. Contact Jennifer Kirker at or 404-727-2251 to learn more about how you can support educational programs at the Carlos Museum.