Coffeepot and cups

"Where coffee is served there is grace and splendor, friendship and happiness." -16th c. historian Abd al-Qadir al-Jaziri

The Arabic word marqaha describes the euphoric feeling that one experiences when drinking coffee. Join journalist and lecturer in Yale University’s School of Divinity Abdul-Rehman Malik, and Dr. Abbas Barzegar (LGS10) affiliate faculty at the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, for a conversation about the role of coffee in Islamic culture, from its botanical origins in Ethiopia to its nocturnal associations with Sufi mysticism and the ways in which Muslim traders and European thieves turned it into a world-wide commodity—and a social revolution that changed the world.

Dr. Barzegar, who also owns Ebrik Coffee Room and Roastery, will demonstrate how to brew the perfect cup at home using a special blend, Marqaha Moments, developed in conjunction with the exhibition Wondrous Worlds: Art & Islam Through Time & Place.



This program is made possible in part by Georgia Humanities.