Artful Stories, children’s workshops, and Camp Carlos help children engage with art through hands-on activities guided by experts. With the addition of SmARTy Packs, it’s now easier than ever for children and families to have similar experiences at their own convenience.

SmARTy Packs, funded by the David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation, are tote bags filled with guides and art activities suitable for ages five and up that remove some of the barriers to a museum visit:

  • There’s no need to register in advance! SmARTy Packs are available for check out at the information desk.
  • They’re free to check out!
  • SmARTy Packs engage the senses and give little hands something to touch!
  • No expertise necessary! SmARTy Packs let parents and children can learn together through activities designed to make art accessible.

Three SmARTy Packs with three activities each and are available for check out at the information desk by leaving a driver’s license. Each pack contains a laminated activity sheet that will lead families to works of art in the galleries, direct their looking through dialogue and inquiry methods, and provide instructions for a hands-on activity related to what they have seen as well as consumable materials for each activity. 

Currently, SmARTy Packs focus on ancient Egypt, Africa, and Greece. Depending on how much time families have, they may do all three activities—slither through the ancient Egyptian galleries in search of snakes, learn how cowrie shells are used in Africa and make a cowrie shell bracelet, and create an Athenian coin—or focus on just one activity with the option to return and complete the others. Activities will rotate as more are developed.

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